Return to Clayton

St John the Baptist, Clayton, West Sussex, 7.30pm, 22 June 2019
Tickets £10, available on the door

We’re looking forward to our visit to the beautiful church of St John the Baptist in Clayton, West Sussex on 22 June 2019. We performed there in 2017 when we presented a programme exploring the beautiful wall paintings. This year we will be exploring the 14th and 15th centuries in the first half of the concert and then looking at music from the last two Tudor courts in the second half.

We are including some intriguing English songs from the 14th century and a selection of pieces from the Libre vermell, a famous collection of music for pilgrimage

As usual we will be playing instruments that are appropriate to the music of each period, including harp, psaltery, bagpipes, symphonie, rebec, medieval fiddle, recorders, crumhorns and racketts.

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