Welcome to Faronel

Faronel perform music from the late Medieval and Renaissance periods on a variety of period instruments, including recorder, crumhorn, cornamuse, rackett, kortholt, curtal, bagpipe, shawm, rebec, medieval fiddle, viol, harp, hurdy gurdy, psaltery, symphony, harpsichord, organ and percussion.

In due course, this will be the permanent home of the ensemble, but while we are building the website, you can always refer to our temporary website here, or visit the Faronel on MySpace, where you can hear some sample music.

Our repertoire includes instrumental and vocal works ranging from Medieval works of the 12th Century through the courtly songs and dances of the 16th century to the consort music of the early 1600s.

Faronel specialise in concerts that aim to demystify an area of repertoire that is often unfamiliar to general audiences with the aid of entertaining and informative explanations of the music and instruments.

You can now hear us playing the Upshares Downshares theme on crumhorns on the BBC Radio 4 website!

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our demo CD!

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