Music from the Pilgrims’ Way in Redhill

St Matthew’s Church, Redhill, Surrey, 1st September 2016 1.10pmRedhilljpeg

This lunchtime concert formed part of the well-established series at St Matthew’s church, Redhill. The town stands just to the south of the ancient Pilgrims Way to Canterbury in Kent, along which Geoffrey Chaucer travelled in the late 1300s, which provided the inspiration for our programme. The concert featured music from Chaucer’s time, including examples of rondeaux, virelais and ballades, and songs and dances from fourteenth century England and France. All of the instruments we played are mentioned in Chaucer’s works – organ, harpe, fidel, ribible (rebec), cornamuse and shalmeys (bagpipes and shawm), pype (recorder) and nakers (drum).

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