Musicians and Murals!

Faronel and mural2Our Music and Murals concert in the picturesque setting of West Somerton church in Norfolk was geared towards celebrating the restoration of the church and its magnificent murals with music appropriate to the various periods of the building’s construction. From the 13th century, when the church was first constructed, we played some early dances and English songs; from the 14th century, when the murals were painted, we included music by Machaut, Landini, the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat and some French Ballades.

Faronel processionWe finished the concert with English music of the early 15th century contemporary with the beautiful chancel.

Our thanks go to the Rev. Selwyn Tillett and his parishioners who made us so welcome during our visit.

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Music and Murals in Norfolk


We are hugely looking forward to our next concert in Norfolk which is inspired by the magnificent newly-restored wall paintings at West Somerton church. The programme will include 14th century repertoire contemporary with the paintings, including works by Machaut, Landini and Vaillant and music from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat as sung by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella.
West Somerton v3

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Concert in Herstmonceux

Pastyme with Good Companye

EarlyHerstmonceux concert April 2015 Music in All Saints, Herstmonceux: Saturday 25 April 7.30

Faronel will be giving a concert at All Saints’ Church on 25 April. Faronel consists of a trio of musicians who aim to demystify this fascinating area of repertoire with entertaining and informative explanations about the music and its instruments, many of which are rarely heard today. All Saints’ will ring to the sound of crumhorns, bagpipes, rebecs, harp and much else in a programme which will begin with medieval music from France, England and Italy, and move on to focus on works from the court of Henry VIII, including some pieces by Good King Hal himself.

Among the medieval works to be performed will be many which are as old as the church itself, such as the Hymn to St Nicholas by St Godric (the earliest surviving song in English), the 12th Century Hymn of St Magnus from the Orkneys, and the world’s oldest piece of keyboard music from a 14th century manuscript discovered just a few miles away in Robertsbridge. The second half will include love songs by Henry VIII, ceremonial music from the Tudor court and sacred works by some of the foreign musicians who were attracted to England by the generous artistic patronage of the monarch.

Tickets £8 on the door, free for under 18s.


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2015 programme

Two concerts booked already for 2015 – but we’ve room for more if you would like us to perform for you!

All Saints, Herstmonceux – 25 April 2015

Faronel will be performing a programme featuring a sequence exploring fourteenth century music in England, together with a visit to the court of Henry VIII to find out about the music that was written for him, and the music he wrote himself.

St Mary’s, West Somerton (near Great Yarmouth) – 6 June 2015

St MAry's, West SomertonSt Mary’s church in West Somerton has a wonderful series of fourteenth-century wall paintings. Faronel will be performing a concert devoted to music that might have been heard while the wall paintings were new! This will be an exciting evening because there will also be an explanation of the paintings and their significance.



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Successful concert at Eastbourne

Apologies for the late updating of the website but a slight technical problem separated us from the website content!

Henry VIII

Faronel has just enjoyed the hospitality of Eastbourne College for an exciting concert of music around the court of Henry VIII.

The programme included music from church and court as well as some of the popular dances of the period and – of course – some of Henry’s own music.

The performance was well received and, to judge by the numbers of questions and the animated discussions afterwards, excited a lot of interest and curiosity.



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Douce Dame Jolie – our first CD!

We really enjoyed the concerts over the summer and it looks as though our audiences did too.

After the Whitstable concert we spent a couple of days recording some of our repertoire and our first CD is due to be released in mid December. Douce Dame Jolie features many of the instruments we play plus some vocal pieces too. The music ranges from the 11th to the early 17th centuries, and includes works from some early collections such as Odhecaton, the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat and the Henry VIII manuscript, plus music by composers such as Dufay, Machaut, Cavazzoni, Susato and Gibbons. Details of how you can obtain your copy will be posted here soon. In the meantime you can listen to some extracts by clicking the links below:

Douce Dame Jolie

O Virgo Splendens

Emperorse Pavan

Dit le Bourgignon/Branle d’Ecosse

We are now busy planning our 2013 concert series: watch this space for details in the new year!

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Concerts – Summer 2012

9 June  Pastyme with Good Companye: Medieval and Renaissance Music with Faronel
A concert of music for voices and a variety of early instruments, including rebecs, recorders, crumhorns, harp, organ, symphony, bagpipes and medieval fiddle. The programme includes sacred and secular music from the medieval period, and celebrating the royal theme of the Diamond Jubilee week, the second half will feature music from the court of King Henry VIII
St Peter and St Mary’s Church, Wilmington, East Sussex. 7.30pm. Tickets £10 concessions £8. Tickets: 01323 488824
14 July All Saints, Waldron, East Sussex. 7.30pm
27 July Between the earth and the sphere. St Alphege’s Church, Whitstable, Kent. 3.30pm. Tickets: 07802 735190

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Welcome Yule!

Faronel presented a Christmas concert at the church of St Mary de Haura in Shoreham on Monday 19 December.

Welcome Yule! was a wide-ranging programme celebrating Christmas in all its aspects including works by Dunstaple, Power, Dufay, Machaut, Henry VIII and many others for harp, positive organ, rebecs, medieval fiddle, recorders, crumhorns, symphony, bagpipes and voices.


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Welcome to Faronel

Faronel perform music from the late Medieval and Renaissance periods on a variety of period instruments, including recorder, crumhorn, cornamuse, rackett, kortholt, curtal, bagpipe, shawm, rebec, medieval fiddle, viol, harp, hurdy gurdy, psaltery, symphony, harpsichord, organ and percussion.

In due course, this will be the permanent home of the ensemble, but while we are building the website, you can always refer to our temporary website here, or visit the Faronel on MySpace, where you can hear some sample music.

Our repertoire includes instrumental and vocal works ranging from Medieval works of the 12th Century through the courtly songs and dances of the 16th century to the consort music of the early 1600s.

Faronel specialise in concerts that aim to demystify an area of repertoire that is often unfamiliar to general audiences with the aid of entertaining and informative explanations of the music and instruments.

You can now hear us playing the Upshares Downshares theme on crumhorns on the BBC Radio 4 website!

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our demo CD!

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